Saturday, 1 December 2007

Not now, I'm reading - free XML "new blogger" template

This design is called "Not now, I'm reading" and it's available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (ie: it means that you can change it however you like, you just have to make sure credit comes back to me).

The design is free.
Click: download the Code (zip)

Note: If you have any widgets/data that you do not wish to lose in your sidebar please backup your data before uploading this - you may lose them!
  • If you are currently using a template in "Classic Blogger"
    you may have to go back to your Blogger dashboard and click on TEMPLATE >> CUSTOMISE DESIGN for it to work.
    You will have to "upgrade your template" to upload the XML file.
    It may ask you to chose a generic template first, but after doing this you can go to the below TEMPLATE screen and "upload a template from a file on your hard drive" - and it will work.
  • If you are already using "new" Blogger:
    then you should be able to upload this straight away - again, please back up your current template if you have data in the sidebar, as previously mentioned.

How to install:

(click for a larger view)

Click: download the Code (zip)

ps: if you have the "Edit Post" thingy set then it's going to appear that there are 2 pencils almost overlapping at the base of the entry when one is infact the icon to edit your entry. Don't worry, you're the only one who sees two pencils :)

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